The UK premiere of R.E.D. took place in London last night. And before we start making 'Rather Elderly and Desperate' quips, might I direct attention to how stunning Helen Mirren looks? Really Elegant and Debonaire.

The same could be said for the film's other star, Bruce Willis; look how easily he manages to hunker right down to retrieve Helen's rogue ear bauble from the cold wet ground. Judging by the remaining photos, he also managed to right himself without much (documented) difficulty. Right, enough with the "aged" jokes, I'm just jealous cause I've got arthritis in half my joints and I'm half their age.

I could go through the guest list, but it's fairly fruitless - Wellar offspring, randomers, a Jackson, Mary-Louise Parker's (presumed) toy boy; Brucie pursing his lips; arbitrary band in the midst of promoting something; a dolly bird; a Dragon; and - the rarest of beasts - someone of marginal interest.