In light of Scarlett Johansson's happy news this morning, we're going to shine a spotlight on just a handful of lady celebrities who are currently housing a small person on their person.

Every pregnancy is different, but - if forced - they could be categorised thusly: the one where you're glowing, your hair is that of a Disney Princess, and only your bump gets bigger. Then there's the other kind. You know, the one where you spew for months on end, your hair just gets greasy, you get spots, you feel like you're hungover for 9 months straight, and - as an added bonus - from month 7 onwards you feel like a bowling ball is trying to escape from your unmentionables. Speaking as someone who got handed the latter kind, I'm in absolute awe of these women who look effortlessly glam against all the odds.

We've a gallery of celebrity bumps over yonder, but here's our five favourite red carpet looks - in no particular order. Forgive us for not including Kristen Bell in our top 5; no person - pregnant or not - should willingly try to impersonate a pineapple.

Zoe Saldana
Here she is at the premiere of Cantiflas on August 27th. She's reportedly carrying twins yet is managing to steer clear of the usual maternity wear.

Kelly Rowland
Behold Kelly rocking not only a sizeable bump but also a very covetable autumnal look at some red carpet event or other ("Kelly Rowland Showcases New TW Steel Canteen Bracelet Watch"??) in LA yesterday. And as if that weren't enough, check out the shoes...

Kimberley Walsh
Another person embracing the bump with a bodycon inspired dresses is Ms Walsh off Girls Aloud.

Kimberley Wyatt
The Got To Dance judge proves that - if you're in possession of the pins - why not sport an arse-skimming mini dress while 6 months pregnant. Well, she is a former Pussycat Doll.

Mila Kunis

By our calculations, Mila is just about due. Here she is back in June looking typically sultry.

By the by, if you happen to be pregnant and are looking at these snaps thinking "GAWD, GIVE ME A BREAK" - rest in the knowledge they have teams of people to make them and their bumps look beautiful. All they have to do is get themselves off the couch and try not to heave in front of the cameras.