Lady GaGa is taking her 80s revival to the max, what with "her" (or rather a minion) turning up to the Grammy's (winners list can be seen here... Jenny's highlights can be read here) in one of the eggs from Cocoon.

This seemed to tickle Nicole Kidman no end, although it could very well have been the caterpillars she recruited to curl around her bodice and her fishtail... or perhaps her funny bone was being gently fingered by the sight of Rihanna, taking the variation on the teme one totter too far, as per usual...

Keeping with the "one step beyond" theme, may we present to you Snookie, and her older twin from 2002, Jenny from the block. And let's not overlook the exhumation of Bjork's 2001 Oscar dress courtesy of Florence Welch.

Apart from the pod, there were few other red carpet surprises to behold - yet it was still infinitely more exciting than The BAFTAS... Lea Michele bared her breast bone again (I think she might also have a slit in her dress), as did Kim Kardashian... Justin Bieber allowed his mom to dress him again... Natasha Bedingfield was inexplicably invited to another US red carpet affair again... Eva Longoria's dress got shorter yet fussier... Try as she might, Nicki Minaj was still outdone by the obvious... John Mayer continued his transition into Johnny Depp... Jennifer Hudson lost more weight, but not quite as much as Leanne Rhymes... Katy Perry brought her "grammy to the Grammy's" as promised, as well as her version of Christ... Selma Blair reminded everyone she's expecting; Barry Manilow rattled around; Ricky Martin wore bet on silver pants; Megadeth showed off their lustrous hair; Jamie Fox arrived with multiple dates; and Kelly Osbourne still found herself qualified to comment on the attendees appearances.

OK, there were a few eyebrow raisers, namely Usher's shoes; P Diddy removing his sunglasses; Jordin Sparks coming as a stage; and Cyndi Lauper doing the Monster Mash.

Tune into the Grammys tonight on RTE2, from 7.30pm, to see GaGa emerge from her ode to a music industry suppository; Rihanna's performance with Drake being stripped down to the inevitable; and the highpoint of the Kings of Leon's career...

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