"To me, it was never about the money."

Rebel Wilson's defamation payout has been reduced from A$4.5 million to A$600,000. This is due to a successful appeal by Bauer Media.

The actress lost her final bid to reclaim the payout for the defamation case.

She now has to pay back millions to the High Court of Australia as a result.

In June 2017 Wilson successfully argued that eight articles published by Bauer Media’s magazines falsely portrayed her as a serial liar. An Australian jury sided with her and ordered Bauer Media to pay her A$4.5 million as compensation.

At the time, it was the largest payout in Australian history.

However, a court reduced the sum on appeal. They found that “there was no basis in the evidence for making any award of damages for economic loss”.

The High Court of Australia dismissed Wilson's bid to review the compensation.

After the decision, the actress told reporters outside that she was happy the case has a "definitive end." She said "it was never about the money but about standing up to a bully." She said she had "done that successfully", adding: "At the end of the day that is what matters."

The articles in question, published in 2015, alleged that Wilson lied about her name, age, and upbringing.

Bauer Media said it was "pleased" that the High Court brought "an end to this matter".

Wilson also shared the following on Twitter: