And unfortunately for Wilson, she's not. The Australian actor recently revealed the new trailer for her upcoming Valentine's Day release 'Isn't it Romantic' while talking with Ellen DeGeneres:

Viewers were quick to quash Wilson's claim. One Twitter user said "I love @RebelWilson as much as the next girl, but she isn’t the first plus sized woman to play the lead in a romantic comedy. Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique have both played romcom leads"

Wilson replied by saying, "Hey girl! Yeah I of course know of these movies but it was questionable as to whether: 1. Technically those actresses were plus size when filming those movies or 2. Technically those films are catorgorized/billed as a studio rom-com with a sole lead. So there’s a slight grey area"

Things went from bad to worse for Wilson, when Mo'Nique herself entered the fray. She served up a back-handed compliment, saying "Hey my sweet sister. Let’s please not allow this business to erase our talent with giving grey areas and technicalities. Take a moment and know the history. DON’T BE A PART OF ERASING IT. I wish you the best."

*Awkward turtle*. Wilson responded, "Hi Monique, it was never my intention to erase anyone else’s achievements and I adore you and Queen Latifah so so much x I support all plus size ladies and everything positive we are doing together."

Then a Twitter user opened up a can of worms, which didn't need to be opened. They said "That’s nice but Rebel you have blocked NUMEROUS black and non- black POC women who have tried to have he conversation and most commented in the same tone as the one white woman you decided to respond to. That’s a problem."

The 'Pitch Perfect' star responded with "In a couple of well-intentioned moments, hoping to lift my fellow plus sized women up, I neglected to show the proper respect to those who climbed this mountain before me like Mo’Nique, Queen Latifah, Melissa McCarthy, Ricki Lake and likely many others."

This Twitter user said what we were all thinking, "I wanna see the management emails"