Not too long ago, Rebel Wilson refused to present at the MTV VMAs alongside Kylie and Kendall Jenner because she feels they spread different messages. While the Jenner's are more "superficial", Rebel prefers the message of self acceptance. She expressed this message during a radio interview last week.

Since the comments came to light, fans of the Jenner/Kardashian brood have leapt to their defence, most notably Oprah Winfrey. During her own interview on Australian radio show, KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday. She said: "I interviewed the Kardashians two years ago and I can’t believe how hard they work. People don’t understand that, people think, Oh, if a television camera’s just following you, then that’s just easy. To really create a reality series that looks like something's actually happening, it means you have to be on all the time." OK, so she didn't quite address the "superficial" aspect, but it was a defence nonetheless. 

Rebel has since took to her twitter to express the following. 

Still, it's not all bad feeling...