The 37-year old successfully argued that Bauer Media had published a series of defamatory articles that had harmed her career.

Wilson claimed the articles, published in 2015, portrayed her as a serial liar who had misled the public about her real age, her upbringing and whether she had been born with the name Rebel.

Bauer Media, who publishes Womens Weekly, NW and OK in Australia, denied the charges and are considering an appeal.

"Substantial vindication can only be achieved by an award of damages that underscores that Ms Wilson's reputation as an actress of integrity was wrongly damaged in a manner that affected her marketability in a huge worldwide marketplace,” said Justice John Dixon following the verdict.

It is the largest ever payout for a defamation case in Australia. The actress gave her reaction on Twitter and it’s fair to say she’s delighted with the outcome-

She also stated that she won't keep any of the money she receives and indicated where it may go:


What a legend.


Via: BBC