Warning: This may or may not scare the bejesus out of you.

The Daily Mail has chosen to enlighten us all to the life of 'Big Mo' Moustafa Ismail, who has spent the last ten years hitting the gym twice a day to get his upper arms to the record-breaking size they are. How big? 31 inches all the way around. That's the average mans waist. So look down at yourself and imagine an arm almost as wide if not wider than you. Terrifying.

'Mo' works out twice a day for three hours, lifting up to 500lbs and instead of spinach, which he ironically hates, he eats as much as 3lbs of chicken, 1lb of fish or steak  and three litres of protein shakes. He even moved himself and his entire family from his native Egypt to America to have access to better workout equipment. Yikes.

But I suppose it could be worse. At least he's not that creepy child-snatcher-look-alike fingernail lady. Now that sh*t's cray.