A tragedy was narrowly averted in La Liga yesterday after a barrier in Osasuna's stadium collapsed.

It was the final day of the La Liga season, and with relegation still a possibility for Osasuna, their El Sadar stadium was packed to the rafters with fans who wanted to do all they could to make sure their team stayed up. However, in one particular section of the stadium during the game, a barrier collapsed under pressure from fans, leading to hundreds of people ending up in an avalanche as they spilled on to the pitch. 



Too many times in the past this type of event has lead to tragedy, but thanks to the sterling work of the Cruz Roja Navarra (the Red Cross services of the region), the injured were attended to very quickly, and Real Betis' Alfred N'Diaye, amongst other players, got involved to do what they could as he was pictured (above) carrying one injured young fan to safety.

Around 60 people were attended to as a result, and ten people needed to be sent to hospital for further treatment, but thankfully there don't seem to be any serious injuries. 



On the football side of things, despite being awarded the win yesterday as they were leading when the barrier collapsed, Osasuna were relegated to the second tier of Spanish football, alongside Betis, who knew they were headed for the Liga Adelante a good while back.

Main pic via Tiempo de Juego