After Russell Brand staged a protest at Royal Bank of Scotland last Friday, one worker took exception to the fact that his lunch was now getting cold, and got an earful from Brand as a result.

The worker was locked out of the building after Brand and his film crew appeared in the lobby of the building with a megaphone and a placard featuring Fred Goodwin, the former chief-executive of the bank which was bailed out in 2008. 

While Brand's stunt gained some publicity, the worker, who was captured in the video above complaining that his paella was now going cold, responded to Brand with a long but hilarious blog post that laid out exactly why his lunch was so important to him. 

The man, who simply identified himself as Jo, wrote that Brand had "staged a completely futile publicity stunt" because he turned up without an appointment to a building that is "crawling with highly sensitive information" and "letting you in because you're a celebrity and You Demand Answers could in fact see the bank hauled in front of the FCA". "That's not a global conspiracy, Russell," he added, "it's basic security. Breweries have security too, and that's not because they're conspiring to steal beer from the poor". 

He went on to say that Brand was a "man as obsessed with money as I am with food" and who claimed that none of his money was made at the tax payer's expense, but that he has appeared on the BBC and is making use of Enterprise Investment Scheme to make his movie that he was filming on Friday, amongst a few other measures broken down in detail on the post

He also added that Brand's style of interaction, which involves getting in people's faces and pointing his finger at them repeatedly is very aggressive, and "the only other people ever to talk to me the way you did were school bullies", who "used to ruin my lunchtimes too."

He closes the piece by asking Russell to consider how much of an inconvenience he caused to the highly-paid bankers (who don't actually work in that building) on Friday, or to what level Fred Goodwin was put out: "Do you think any of his food got cold, Russell? Even just his tea? I somehow doubt it."

He did, however, end on a friendly note by adding that he got his lunch from "Fernando's in Devonshire Row. I highly recommend them: their food is frankly just fantastic. When it's hot."