One of the most popular radio presenters in the country has hinted that he might go under the knife live on air for a vasectomy. 

During an interview with Dr. John O'Keeffe of the Morehampton Clinic, Ray D'Arcy discussed the possibility of having the snip live on air, and what that would be like both for listeners and himself. 

D'Arcy noted that he had discussed the topic with his wife, Jenny Kelly, before Dr. O'Keeffe was invited for interview. The couple already have two children, and have decided that they're not going to have any more, so he was interested to see what the procedure involved.

"I said in a moment of stupidity really that I might get it done live on air," D'Arcy said, "would that be a possibility?". Dr. O'Keeffe responded that he would be happy to do the procedure, but he advised Ray to "think about that one" a bit more before agreeing to go under the knife with the microphones on. 

The broadcaster said that the comments he received from listeners as a result had been pretty positive, and that he thought he might well go ahead with it as a result.

Via The Independent. Main pic via WENN