We can't spend too long telling you about this because we are currently making plans to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Either that or burn it to the ground, at least we'd be safe then.

Yes there is in facts rats 'as big as small dogs' being found in Dublin homes according to a Phibsborough resident who told the Irish Daily Mail; "This has been going on since Christmas, since they started digging up the road for the Luas.

"My own estimate would be that I killed 20. They were killed between traps and poison."

He went on to say; "There are rats of enormous sizes in Dublin, the size of a big rabbit or small dog."

Jay.sus. Forget the linking up of the Luas, we'll walk dammit!

Thankfully we don't have pictures, but we reckon the image above of Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is probably an accurate size guess.

Trevor Hayden, of Complete Pest Control, also told the paper that activity has increased 200pc in the city centre this summer; "Normally we wouldn't have that many summer callouts but this year has been particularly bad."

While a spokesman for LUAS Cross-City said they were taking appropriate action for the complaints they had recieved but that it was "hard to say" if the construction works were to blame.

Who cares who is to blame at this stage, let's all just get the hell out of dodge.

This is the rats home now.