The dreaded 'drunger'. We've all been there. You're ambling home from a night out on the tiles and - the next thing you know - your feet bypass the remnants of your brain... they start taking instructions directly from your stomach instead. A dubious take away is usually another cause for remorse the following day - especially if it was a curry... Therefore, spare a thought for the Chinese man who brought a new appreciation to the term 'sh*tting bricks'.

According to Metro, the aforementioned soul woke up in hospital after " he spotted a pail with some thick liquid inside" en route home from a stint of heavy drinking. "Of course, he didn’t realise at the time it was concrete in the pail. He thought it was sesame paste (which at best is a dip, but then he was drunk.)."

Needless to say, he had to get his stomach pumped, but at least he lived to tell the tale. Speaking as someone who woke up so thirsty/confused after a night out that I downed a bottle of ink because my brain thought it was Coke at the time of consumption, it's easily done. Sort of. 

In short, alcohol is bad, mmmmkay.