Randy Quaid, brother of Dennis, Oscar nominee and star of such films as Brokeback Mountain, Independence Day, Kingpin and Midnight Express appears to be a bit mental. Quaid and his wife Evi had fled to Canada and are seeking refugee status there after they were arrested in the US for vandalism related charges.

For reasons that only Randy himself will know, the Quaid's had been living in a property in Santa Barbara, California which they had occupied since the 1990s. The trouble is, they sold it in 2007. After an alarm was tripped recently, a realtor gained access to the property and discovered the place had been trashed. There were dirty dishes in the sink; the security cameras had been obscured and, brilliantly, a large mirror above a fireplace had been smashed and replaced with a Quaid family portrait.

The happy couple are now fighting extradition charges back to the US, while Evi Quaid claims that their life will be in jeopardy if this comes to pass. She told Canadian officials that eight friends had been "murdered" under mysterious circumstances, including Heath Ledger and David Carradine, and is worried that she and her husband will the next victim of the (and this is a direct quote) "Hollywood star whackers".

It definitely appears that this is a whole other level of Hollywood crazy, a pantheon which not even Lindsay Lohan has access to yet.

- John Balfe