Someone in the Daily Star is having a laugh. Picture it - the editor banging on desks, demanding stories, otherwise the entire writing team is up for the chop. The pressure is palpable... do you venture into the perpetual rain to dig up some dirt? Or do you, dare I say it, make something up... Then, as if by magic, this story lands on the editor's desk and all is right in the world: "(Kate) Moss allegedly spent an evening chatting with (Jerry) Springer at the Dorchester Hotel about Miller and Ifans's break-up. 'It’s been very beneficial to Kate,' said a source. 'She's got a lot on her mind and she tends to take on her friends' problems and concerns as well... Jerry has patiently listened to her worries and given some sterling advice. She even has a few soothing words for Rhys to help get him over his split from Sienna. And instead of hating Sienna for upsetting her mate, Kate has managed to see things from her perspective and has calmed down about the whole, sorry affair.' The insider added: 'This unlikely therapy has turned her into a new woman. She’s been floating around with a melon-wedge grin like a cheery stoner'."

So, we're meant to believe that Kate Moss met dubious talk show host, Jerry Springer, in the Dorchester. That they then started talking about Sienna and Rhys' breakup... and then Jerry imparted a pearl so imbued with wisdom and insight, that Kate has been "floating around with a melon-wedge grin like a cheery stoner" ever since. Right you are.