According to a survey of 3,000 adults, conducted for the Co-operative Bank's internet bank during November, the most popular comedians in the UK are: 10. Frankie Boyle, 9. Eddie Izzard, 8. Jack Dee, 7. Al Murray, 6. Rowan Atkinson, 5. Dawn French, 4. Catherine Tate, 3. Alan Carr, 2. Lee Evans, 1. Peter Kay... OK. Dawn French? Al Murray?!

In contrast, the UK's least favourite comedians include: 10. Alan Bennett, 9. Spike Milligan, 8. Russell Brand, 7. Paul Merton, 6. Jimmy Carr, 5. Harry Hill, 4. Ricky Gervais, 3. Victoria Wood, 2. Jonathan Ross, 1. Jo Brand... No, sorry - Spike Milligan?! And the man who wrote the ingenious Talking Heads? They were spot on with Jo Brand and possibly Paul Merton, but as for putting the man responsible for The Office and Extras in there… that's just a blatant exhibition of begrudgery.

In a perfect world, the popular list would include: 10. Bill Bailey, 9. Julia Davis, 8. Billy Connolly, 7. Simon Amstell, 6. Stephen Fry, 5. Rick Mayell, 4. Eddie Izzard, 3. Peter Kay, 2. Ricky Gervais, 1. Steve Coogan. Not necessarily in that order, mind, but near enough to it.
While the not so popular list would go something like this: 10. Everyone involved in Star Stories (with the exception of Kevin Bishop), 9. David Walliams, 8. Julian Clary, 7. David Walliams, 6. Vic Reeves (he's lost without Mortimer), 5. David Walliams, 4. James Corden, 3. David Walliams, 2. Peter Serafinovich, 1. David Walliams.