They dated in 1996. Who knew?! It's something the Lost Boy mentioned in the past but, for some reason, Victoria is only confirming their coquetry now... I'd imagine because Haim is launching his new reality show, The Two Corey's (alongside his old co-star Corey Feldman) at the minute. Posh said: "We didn't have sex or anything. In actual fact, he didn't seem to want to try. The most we did was kiss... Looking back it's hard to work out whether I really fancied him or if I was just a bit of a sad fan." I would say the latter; time has not been benevolent to the child star. For the record, it's been reported that Haim claimed she was a "bad kisser". Well, her star would've been rising in '96, which means she would've started shedding pounds... so she was probably subconsciously trying to eat him for some form of sustenance - hence why he shirked taking things further. That or she's just a bad kisser.

For those living on Alderon since the late 70s - Victoria is now married to David Beckham; the man who (according to Georgio Armani) has theLoch Ness Monster residing in his pants. Speaking of which - Mel C (AKA Dykey Spice) can't bring herself to look at David's Armani billboards: "I'd be very proud if my man looked like David Beckham (she must be trying to get her man to dump her). But if I see a picture of David in his pants, I avert my eyes - it's my friend's husband, so it feels a bit wrong." Yeah, that's the reason you don't want to look.