Jaysis, secret families are quite the rage of late. Apparently Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law, the one he ousted as a partner last year, has one he's kept hidden from his wife (Tana's ma)  Greta.

Chris Hutcheson, aged 62, was fired from his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Ramsay's business empire last year and it's now claimed he brought up a couple of kiddies with his mistress.

According to The Sun, Ramsay knew about his double life and only told his wife Tana about it once he had fired Hutcheson from the business last year. It's claimed his mistress Frances, she's 58, is the mother of two of his children - Victoria and Chris.

Hutcheson has reportedly denied that he was fired from the business after Ramsay hired a private investigator, who allegedly found out he was using company money to fund his secret life.

Walter Mitty, eat your swinging brick out.