Ms Stevens, who's due to wed in a matter of weeks to fellow actor Alex Bourne, was accosted by three youths on her front doorstep yesterday. Although they "didn't appear to be carrying weapons", Rachel responded to their arbitrary demands of "GIVE US THE F***ING STUFF!" and dutifully handed over her engagement ring, her Rolex and a necklace.

According to The Sun: "Rachel was attacked in broad daylight as she arrived home at her flat near Regent's Park, North London, at 4pm. Police are probing whether the gang had been following her movements during a shopping trip. The flat is close to where dozens of celebs such as Jude Law, Sadie Frost and Kate Moss live." 

Surprisingly The Sun stopped short of supplying maps to their houses, you know, for the other hoards of hooded, ambushing opportunists.