Well we Irish sure like to tweet, don't we? Be it about the latest omelette we made that the rest of the world just HAS to know about, Miley Cyrus's gyrating VMA performance, the economic crisis or whether we're simply retweeting to help a friend find their lost sloth, we can't get enough of the social media platform. It's only natural then, that we'd see fit to award the Twitterati among us who particularly excel in social media. Maybe they're super informative, maybe they're hilarious or maybe they're batsh*t crazy, whatever it be, the folk at RaboDirect give now give you The RaboDirect Tweeties, the first award ceremony of its kind.

The RaboDirect Tweeties aim to celebrate the best of Twitter in Ireland; the people, celebrities, businesses and organisations who use twitter in meaningful, creative and inspirational ways.

This bespoke set of awards will give Ireland’s Twitter users the chance to have their say on who and what makes them Tweet. Tweeters can nominate a person or organisation they follow for an award by using a special hashtag designated for each category. People can vote in 13 categories including: Best Celebrity (vote using #TweetieCelebrity), Sport (#TweetieSport), Business (#TweetieBusiness), News & media (#TweetieNews), Best Charity (#TweetieCharity) and Television (#TweetieTV) to name but a few.

In seven years Twitter has blossomed to become one of the world’s leading communications platforms, allowing people to engage with people on topical issues at any point in time.

Speaking at the launch, event organiser and editor of DigitalTimes.ie, Stephen Conmy said, “The idea for the RaboDirect Tweeties came about simply because it has become, in such a short space of time, a far reaching real-time platform for breaking news, entertainment and information sharing. Just as film, TV, radio and print have their award shows, I thought those who use Twitter to inspire and inform should also be recognised.”

Title sponsors for the inaugural RaboDirect Tweeties, Martin O’Leary, head of marketing, RaboDirect, said, “Twitter has helped bring us closer to our customers and their interests, while allowing us to engage in an open and transparent manner. We’re excited to sponsor The RaboDirect Tweeties and now it’s time to recognise and celebrate those people who have inspired, entertained and informed so many of us.”

Commenting on the #RaboTweeties, Stephen McIntyre, EMEA director of online sales and operations, Twitter, said, "It’s good to see an event that celebrates the best of Twitter in Ireland. Twitter brings you closer to your interests, whatever those interests may be. It is a live, public, and conversational platform – a kind of global town square. There are so many Irish people and organisations embracing Twitter, we’re looking forward to seeing who will make the shortlist."

Following a shortlist announcement in September, tweeters will have one vote per category to choose the winners of the inaugural RaboDirect Tweeties. The winners will be announced at a ticket and invite awards show in The Odeon, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2 on Wednesday, 2nd October. Ireland’s most influential tweeters will be presented with their awards, and guests will have the chance to win lots of prizes, and mingle with Ireland’s twitterati.

For a full list of categories, and RaboDirect Tweeties ticket information log on to http://bit.ly/1cbvFHc or follow @RaboTweeties

The Tweeties in 140 characters:

The RaboDirect Tweeties? The first awards show to recognise the power, reach and genius of Twitter & the people, businesses, media firms and celebrities who use it.