"Psssst. Will, here, use my phone, you need to ring someone about your paaaaaants. You haven't got any ooooohn."

Apart from Will Young's abandonment of trousers (to be fair, it's been rather warm. In which case, perhaps a block coloured short and alternative footwear might've been better), Simon Le Bon's bear embodiment, Grace Woodward's floral boilersuit, Jerry Hall's unflattering flats, Tali Lennox climbing into a burst pillow, this dour thing, and Vanessa Kirby's texture smorgasbord, everyone looked really nice at last night's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Although there are question marks over Nancy Dell'Olio's fringe fest, that red tea dress Tracey Emin won't get out of, and the dainty block of concrete Emilia Fox has on her.

Alexa Chung's monochrome shift is pretty, if a little crumpled at the front, while Tara Palmer Tompkinson looks demure, even if her brain did start blaring Chubby Checker and she couldn't help herself. Also, I can't help but liken Yasmine Le Bon's dress to a collection of Space Invader themed picnic hankies.

Then there's Lisa Butcher's unseasonable bolero jacket, Donna Air's neon basque nightie, as well as Lauren Barber and Noelle Reno's dress size to address.

I take it all back, you all look a bit rubbish, sort yourselves out. Apart from you, Grayson, you look fabulous as ever.