Craft beers are getting ever expansive with more variety than ever on offer. Plus there are some really great names for them out there, but how well do you know this popular beverage and would you be able to tell fake craft beers from real ones?



Centra are helping you make the most of Christmas with an amazing range of world and craft beers, right on your doorstep in your local Centra store. There is literally something for everyone! Perfect for the run into Christmas when you’re looking to stock the fridge.

Our quiz is simple. In each section, there are three options and you have to distinguish the fake craft beer from the two other real ones. Good luck!





Centra have a vast range of craft beers whether your preference is a pale ale, stout, cider or a wheat beer, there is something for everyone! Centra’s range includes much-loved craft beers such as; Journeyman, Galway Hooker, Franciscan Well, Brú and Foxes Rock. Prices start from €2.75 with a selection of craft beers on offer for Christmas, four for €10 or three for €9 across various ranges.


This Christmas Centra also have special gift-set for those craft beer fans in your life! The Journeyman gift-set includes 2 x 500ml bottles of Journeyman IPA and Journeyman IPL along with a unique glass and costs just €7.99.


Pop into your local Centra store and get your hands on their great range, perfect for all the festivities this Christmas with friends and family. Check out for more information.

Available in selected stores nationwide. Please enjoy alcohol responsibly.