Though we'd really rather believe that Justin Timberlake is as nice as pie, there have sadly been a few reports of late that make us question whether the Trousersnake is sound or not.

I've met him and he was polite, grand, but 'warm' or 'friendly' wouldn't be the first words I'd use to describe him. Then again, maybe I just caught him on an off day. Film junkets can be tough going, as a conveyor belt of journalists file in one by one to ask roughly the same questions they've been painstakingly answering all day. Though some would argue that they do get paid enough money to promote their movies so they could just do it with a good heart and put on a smile.

Anyhoo, then there was Timberlake's recent outburst in which he said in passing to a journalist who pressed him on the negative flack he'd been receiving about his acting abilities that he sometimes wishes he could 'f*cking kill everyone' and that our opinions don't matter a damn.

Again, you could argue that he does have a point; opinions are indeed like assholes in that every single one of us is in possession of one.

Just this weekend however, Timberlake was taken up the wrong way yet again, coming off like a bit of a knob, when he put on a bajan accent while giving a speech at the AMAs, which meant as an imperssion of Rihanna's mother, was not so warmly received. Adding insult to injury, Justin went on to reduce those who remain within the confines of one musical genre by saying smugly that his award is proof that he can't be 'genre-d' because he was nominated for pop, rock and R&B. What he should have done is accept his award in his own accent in as gracious a manner as he was brought up to have and we could all go on singing along to his tunes, safe in the knowledge that if he's funny and affable on SNL, he's probably like that in real life too.

Is Justin Timberlake getting too big for his sexy-backed boots?