If you, like many of us, have a) binged on all the 'Queer Eye' that's available on Netflix (including the most recent Season 3) but also b) love dogs, there's good news in store.

What's the only thing better than the Fab Five tranforming the life of lost/lonely/clueless soul in hand? Eh, obviously the Fab Five giving a gorgeous pup a new leash lease of life.

To celebrate National Adopt-a-Shelter-Pup Day, they worked their magic on 3-year-old Lacey in a 15-minute-long episode of the show. The blonde bombshell was abandoned at a shelter in Tennessee and is looking for her forever home.

All the usual 'Queer Eye' rules applied, from Antoni making her a nutritious cookie, to Jonathan giving her a puppy pedicure. Tan selects the best accessories and Karamo even provides a pup pep talk to promote her positive mental health.

As for whether there's a happy ending? Well, you'll just have to watch 'til the end...