That's a scorcher by October standards, no?

Well this is weird. No sooner are we embracing the cold snap in the air and reefing our wool scarves and big chunky knitwears out of the wardrobe and the weather decides to do a 180 and rain humid and warm weather down on us (and quite literally too, it's gonna be a wet one).

According to Met Eiréann, from today until Sunday we can expect a bit of everything in typical Irish fashion. Sunshine, thundery showers, fog and mist and everything in between is on the cards for the country along with unseasonably high temperatures of 17 and 18 degrees and a lot of humidity. So maybe don't go swapping in your winter duvet just yet.

What does that mean for anyone making any plans this weekend? Well basically you're going to have to run the gauntlet of every possible weather situation happening over the course of three days. So wellies, shorts, a jumper and an umbrella is an acceptable ensemble. We won't judge.