A pub in Wales has received an official warning from its local council after an incident involving police officers and a theme tune for a popular children's programme.

Cooney's Pub in Llandudno, Wales, was visited by local police during October of this year. However, when they entered the bar, the DJ quickly flipped the soundtrack to the theme song from Peppa Pig. It's understood that patrons in the bar began making oinking sounds as the police walked through the bar.

Later, North Wales Police applied for a review of the pub's licence and restricted their opening hours. It went one step further, however, when local town council handed down an official warning to bar's owners, Michael and Joanne Cooney, following an official hearing.

"We want to draw a line under it and get on and a have a good relationship with the police. I am sorry for everything but we are relieved and want to move on," explained Joanne following the hearing.

As for the DJ who flipped the track over to Peppa Pig, he's reportedly on his last chance with the owners.


Via WalesOnline.co.uk