Get yourself down to the bookies straight away, there's no way these psychic penguins could be wrong.

The penguins at the national Sea Life Centre in Birmingham have been hard at work, getting in touch with the other side and harnessing their psychic powers to predict the outcome of the upcoming FA Cup final.

According to The Independent, the penguins do have form in this regard, as they predicted England would have a poor World Cup last summer, although we're not sure that really counts as seeing into the future or just stating the inevitable.

Anyway, one of the penguins in particular, Ginny, is the main psychic and she's made her prediction as to who will win at the big final in Wembley: Aston Villa. There may be some local bias in there, but Naoim Bird (talk about nominative determinism), aquarist at the centre in charge of the penguins said that "We put out two identical buckets for the penguins to choose from and there was no hesitation in Ginny’s decision, she’s certain that the Birmingham-based team will be the one to win". 

If you want to keep up with Ginny and her day to day life (mostly it's stuff about fish) as well as her predictions, you can follow her on Twitter. What a world we live in...

Via The Independent