It's all go with the crime 'reporting' this morning. Professor Green is being investigated over an alleged hit and run.

Albert Stanford, 67, claims the Read All About It hitmaker caused £800 damage when he reversed a loaned Mercedes into his Vauxhall Vectra, and the pensioner was unable to get the rapper's insurance details as he had driven off by the time he got downstairs.

He told The Sun: "It made a loud smash. But by the time I got my dressing gown on and went down, they had driven off."

Albert then contacted the star's grandmother, who lives nearby in Woodford Green, north east London, after neighbours told him the rapper - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - owned the car involved.

Green - who is dating reality TV star Mille Mackintosh - rang Albert to talk about the incident and the pair reportedly had a barney, but Mercedes-Benz have confirmed the loan car was left undamaged following the collision. He may know a good panel beater...

When questioned by the press regarding the incident, the rapper said: "The matter is being looked into."

A Met Police spokesman meanwhile added: "This is being treated as a fail-to-stop collision."