Tweeting a picture of her new sparkler along with the caption 'If I could scream loud enough for the whole world to hear I would', Millie Mackintosh broke the news to the world, which presumably includes her friends and family (one would hope she at least called her mother after), that her and Professor Green are getting hitched. And what a sparkler it is.

Having stolen away to Paris for the weekend (real original Prof.), the proverbial question was popped in Millie's favourite restaurant in the French capital. Professor Green, real name Stephen Manderson, also jumped on the tweet machine to share the news first of all tweeting 'Happy days', before adding 'Someone's gonna have to break the news to Jessica Alba and Eva Mendez'. The cheeky mare. Green and Mackintosh are together since 2011, after he spotted her on the cover of FHM (modern love, eh?) and pursued her, making their official debut as a pair at the 2012 Brits. It's always been a pairing that baffled, what with Mackintosh being an heiress from Chelsea and Green being a rough edged rapper, but then who are we to judge. All we know is that with their combined wealth, the wedding is going to be an absolute stonker.