Prisoners at a low-security facility in Australia are under investigation after they have been suspected of escaping the jail to go drinking, only to return later on that day and go back to their cells. 

A prison in Darwin might have had a bit of a break out recently, only for the same prisoners to break back in and head back to their cells peacefully. Not before they went and got themselves a few beers, however. 

According to, authorities are investigating whether or not the prisoners escaped on a somewhat regular basis to go drinking after a daily headcount had been performed at 7pm, and a spokesperson for the Northern Territory Department of Corrections confirmed that a group of prisoners had been caught on July 20th after breaking out and then returning later to break back in to the prison. 

Authorities have been suspicious that several prisoners were hopping the fence to get their hands on contraband material, including booze and marijuana, and they were finally caught in the act last weekend when five prisoners were found fighting over a mobile phone around midnight, four of whom were intoxicated. 

The prisoners have been moved to the maximum-security wing and an internal investigation has been launched, while police will determine whether or not what they did constitutes a full escape. 

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