Let's not cod each other, we'd all love to be mates with Prince Harry. As serious, and as straight laced as his title should imply, the man who could someday be KING, looks like a right laugh.

The guys over at EagerBeaverFilms are the lads behind this one, with the description:

'The playboy prince shares his Facebook movie with the world, giving a revealing insight to Royal life.'

The movie gives a brief insight into the Facebook of the charming Prince and only reaffirms any notions we had about him before, with most of the highlights rooted in the theme of him ripping the piss out of himself. A vital trait in any man or woman worth their salt.

It's still a bit ambiguous as to whether this is legit or not (we'd like to think it is), but, either way, Harry, you're officially on my list of People I'd Like To Go For A Pint With. Yourself, meself, Tom Waits, Lena Dunham and Michael Bublé are going to have SOME craic.