The 27-year-old royal landed back in the UK shortly before 4pm yesterday (22.08.12), hours after naked photographs of him partying in a Las Vegas hotel room on Friday (17.08.12) were published on the internet. So he'll be waking up to them splattered across the tabloids this morning. What timing.

The army helicopter pilot had no comments to make about the pictures, but friends say he is feeling "fairly bullish" and doesn't regret his wild antics, though his family (particularly big brother William) are said to be "upset."

One source said: "He's not eating an awful lot of humble pie as I understand."

Another told the Daily Mirror: "Some members of the royal household are dismayed about these pictures. But Harry is like any other young man who likes to go out and party with his friends, it's just that with him it gets more attention. He is just letting off steam (less details please) ahead of what will be a very important next phase in his military career."

The incident is believed to have happened after Harry and his pals Tom 'Skippy' Inskip and Arthur Landon met some women in their hotel bar and invited them to their suite to play "strip billiards."

Though the group had a lot of fun, even their new pals were said to be shocked by Harry's antics.

A source told The Sun: "The prince and his gang started the night with dinner. They were then drinking in the hotel bar when they met the girls and invited them up to their room to carry on the party. Everyone was drunk and they were playing a game of strip pool. Before long the prince was naked (brilliant). The girls were having fun and thought he was a nice guy but they couldn't believe someone hadn't stopped things going so far."

Well, they're American. They probably expected a Prince to arrive on a unicorn and whisk them away to the palace in a platinum plane, rather than have them bent naked over a billiards table in front of his mates.

On the upside, at least he kept the Nazi regalia at home.