Bahaha! OK folks, this may not be true and there'll no doubt be plenty of girls coming out of the woodwork to claim they also played strip billiards with Prince Harry, but this is pretty funny. Take it as legitimate at your own discretion...

So Carrie Reichert claims to have been one of the 10 'very pretty' girls handpicked by Har and his pals to join him in their suite. On a side note, what dope describes themselves as 'very pretty'? How modest... Anyhoo, this is what she said to The People:  "Harry was already undressed [when we went in]. It was just crazy. He looked actually delirious... He would just randomly walk up to you and hug you. He was just really friendly and there were just really random naked hugs. It was funny... He wasn't the only one naked. There were girls naked. The guys were half dressed. It was not like an orgy going on, it was just sexy naked. It was like almost a game. He was trying to get everybody to get naked - that was the whole point of him being naked. He was pressing his body up against the window and saying, 'Look at me Vegas' because he's got this huge window and you can see all of Vegas down the strip. Just pressing up against the window like, 'Look at me Vegas, these are the royal jewels.'

Carrie also claims she shared a 'drunken fumble' with the prince despite seeing him already kissing the woman he was pictured with earlier. "We kissed, he was naked at the time and pretty open. It was a drunken fumble. It wasn't romantic, just fun... He grabbed my hand and we went back to his room. There was not much talking at that time, his clothes were off. I had a string bikini on. I had a party dress over that and it came off... We kissed for 15 to 20 minutes. I'm sure somebody stumbled in as there were people going in and out of rooms all the time. We kissed again and he said, 'That was great.' He told me I was beautiful and gorgeous, which was sweet. Then we kind of nonchalantly returned to the party and kept drinking.'

Oh Harry, you dirty DAWG. What will your granny say about this?