Kylie Minogue has been given an OBE at Buckingham Palace, presumably for her contribution to (pop) music. In other words; getting her arse out and spinning it around while maintaining a tune for almost two decades. This is what she had to say of the experience: "I was totally blown away to receive this... It was surprisingly emotional. I expected to be a little nervous, obviously very excited, but it was very emotional seeing all these people from different walks of life joining together for this event. I'm imagining our family when we were kids saying to me, 'one day you're going to go to the Palace'. That would not have been believable... It is an incredible honour for me to receive this award. It makes me feel both humble and proud to be recognised for doing a job that I love so much."

In case you thought the 40-year-old had a swift costume change to bust out a celebratory dance routine in the palace's ballroom; certain snaps in the gallery are from her performance in Belfast's Odyssey Arena on Sunday. For the record, that's not Damien Hirst's skull creation. Kylie's small but she's not that small.