Sick and tired of boring old traditional green foods like broccoli and cabbage? Then prepare to welcome brusselkale into your life. 

Anyone who knows anything about nutrition knows that so-called "superfoods" are big business, and with people looking to get as many of them as possible, it can be a crowded marketplace to try and get in to. 

However, if you can create a new one, then you're quids in, which is possibly why we can now welcome brusselkale into the world. Taking the widely-disliked flavour of brussel sprouts and adding the blandness of kale to create something that looks really weird, but apparently tastes better than a conventional brussel sprout. 

The evil geniuses behind the project are British vegetable seed company Tozer Seeds, who have spent 15 years trying to mash the two together through traditional crop breeding methods, and claim that the taste is "a fusion of sweet and nutty". 

They are expected to go on sale across stores in America this autumn, joining other hybrids such as broccolini (broccoli and courgette) and pluots (a cross between a plum and apricot), so they may well end up on your plate in place of the regular sprout this Christmas.

Via USA Today. Main pic via