So the zombie apocalypse is coming (possibly) and you need to get yourself prepared with an adequate shelter. All you need is £70,000...

Zombies; everyone is afraid of them, but how can you realistically hope to survive in a post-apocalyptic landscape where they've taken over and all you can do is board up your windows and hide in your house, hoping they can't smell your delicious brain? 

Well, there're good news for you, because you can go one step further and get yourself the Tiger Cabin ZFC-1 model - the Zombie Fortification Cabin. The whole shelter industry took a hit after the Cold War, but with the inevitable rise in the number of zombies, the folks at Tiger Log Cabins are hoping to make their business resurgent with this innovation, and it's definitely on our wish list. No home is complete without a zombie shelter, but you could probably also just get a nice cabin too if you want. 

The cabin itself is pretty big, measuring 44 by 30 feet, and comes with re-enforced slit windows, strengthened walls and doors and also has barbed wire all over it, so that the shuffling and slow moving undead will find it difficult to get near it.

There's even a deck on the roof so that you can keep an eye on the zombies from a good vantage point, and as in the illustrations, maybe even add some serious artillery so that you can mow through the army of zombies trying to take you down. It's you or them.

The cabin also has anything and everything you could want inside, from a very cosy looking kitchen/living room where you can cook up all your meals, to a gym where you can keep the guns in shape for any hand to hand combat that might go down. All Will Smith had in I Am Legend was a pull up bar and he was in great shape, so you won't have any excuses. There's also a garden where you can grow fresh fruit and vegetables to survive on, given that there's no time frame on the apocalypse and the supermarket is probably closed or being run by zombies.

Now all you need is the fortified jeep/homemade tank with a flamethrower on top, as this artist's rendering depicts, and you're all set.

Also don't forget to get a shotgun. You want good spread. 

Via Shortlist. Images via Tiger Log Cabins