Far be it from me to resurrect ancient gripes, therefore pitting two ladies against each other merely for a petty angle - but Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston both attended premieres for their respective films last night.

Jolie's Salt premiere took place in London, while Aniston premiered The Switch in L.A. So, who had the better guest list? Neither, they were both well shoddy to be fair, but Aniston's was infinitely better.

Don't believe me? Well, who would you prefer to spend time with? Jason Bateman (OK, he doesn't really count as a guest as he also stars in The Switch); Napolean Dynamite, Randy Hicky; another one of Brad Pitt's exes in a very pretty dress (which apparently comes with an 'easy access' panel); a Will Arnett lookalike; and a distant relative of Katie Holmes by way of Jeebs (that alien off Men In Black who's able to grow back his own head after an uncomfortable impact... I'm assuming the exuberant camera flashes are causing her bonce to retract slightly like a snail's eye after a shock... that's the only explanation) - or the trio that turned up to Salt.

OK, I'm not going to be mean about Leslie Phillips, he's a legend... unlike personality vacuum's Joe (I'm about to become the very definition of the) X Factor, Leona Lewis and Kerry bleedin' Katona. Oh, apologies. Michael Underwood and this bird, and this other bird, put in an appearance too.

On the upside, Angelina swapped her usual black sack for something speearkly.