We'll never complain about Dublin rental prices ever again.

This 'room', was advertised on SquareRoom.co.uk for £480 a month, plus bills. To be fair, that's pretty reasonable seeing as it's in Bethnall Green. Actually it's kind of a steal, seeing as it's "the biggest room in the house".

Well, it'd be a steal if it wasn't for one problem. It's not a room, it's a mattress in a shed, situated inside the living room.

We've heard of people sharing a room, but sharing a room with literally everybody else in the house is new to us. The room "comes with a sofa which means sharing it with the rest of us sometimes". Emm...no thanks.

We'd hate to see the state of the other rooms if this really is the biggest. Maybe they're just tents, or outhouses.

Via The Guardian