That's if its owners take heed of the online suggestion poll its currently running.

The National Environment Research Council of Great Britain is currently seeking suggestions from the public as to what they should name their latest vessel. The Royal Research Ship, which is 128 metres long and is due to be in operation in the Arctic and Antarctic from 2019, will carry up to 90 scientists and support staff when she sets sail and will cost £200,000,000 to build.

However, she may flying under a different name. The highest-voted option to name the boat - with 15,000 votes - is to name the ship RRS Boaty McBoatface. Really. Not even joking.

In second place, RRS Henry Worsley is the more likely option. Henry Worsley was a Lt. Col in the British Army who died during the first solo / unaided crossing of the Antarctic in January of this year.

The third name on the list is the RRS Pillar of Autumn - which is from the videogame series, Halo. The fourth name is RRS David Attenborough, after the well-known conservationist, whilst the fifth name is RRS Boaty McBoatface: The Return.

Again, really.

Of course, it's entirely possible that the National Environment Research Council of Great Britain will simply ignore all these suggestions and go with something of their own. If you want to vote for the RRS Boaty McBoatface, you can vote here.


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