WENN have kindly offered their list of who's going to enter the Australian "jungle" this coming Sunday. I've had a wee snout around the ITV Picture Publicity site and can't see anything stating the contrary, so we'll go with these for the time being. Sure won't it be fun comparing and contrasting when the real list is revealed (probably tomorrow) eh?! Exciting. Real exciting.

As ever with reality TV shows such as I'm a Celeb and Big Brother, there appears to be a strict casting demographic which needs to be filled every year.

Falling into the 'Whothefakarethey' category is Aggro Santos
In the 'WhyOHWHY-arethingsreallythatbad?!' bracket we have Dom Joly
Tenuously Related to a Once Famous Person: Sheryl Gascoigne
Money For E's and Wizz Candidate: Shaun Ryder
Screen Siren of Yore: Britt Ekland
Male Equivalent of the Above (he also fulfils the 'At Least One Ex-Soap Star' requirement): Nigel Havers
Reality TV Fodder Turned Presenter Who really Should've Had The Decency to Dissappear off into Obscurity: Alison Hammond
The Sporty One: Linford Christie
Once Sifted Through Sh*t For a Living: Not a Doctor Gillian McKeith
The Bikini Shot One: Stacey Solomon
The One Who Overcame Adversity/Might Still be Hot in a Bikini One: Gail Porter
Desperation incarnate: Lembit Opik

I'll be tuning in (because I have to, for work, honest), will you be? C'mon, join me in scowling at Ant and Dec as they jadedly still steal a living by simply giggling through every link.