There is not hint of fascitousness in the title, for once. This is indeed shocking news - after Paris Hilton she's the ultimate posing pro *strikes superhero pose*

According to "a source", Victoria opted to indulge in some "facial expression" and "elocution" lesions prior to her guest judging slot on American Idol last weekend:

"Victoria knows she has a very thick British accent and is sometimes misunderstood in America. She wanted to come across the best she could on American Idol, so she took some private lessons on how to properly pronounce words and how to make appropriate facial expressions. Victoria is famous for her pout (and her bones) but she herself admitted she wanted to shed that pout for the show to come across more human."

That was money well spent; she was only described as "icy and wooden" by a source present at the auditions, as opposed to "recently reanimated alien impersonating Pepperami in a pair of pants."

As for what her nearest and dearest thought; apparently David and their brood were upset because they "thought mummy would be singing on the show" *cackles*