If I jumped off a bridge does that mean you’d have to do it too?

Well, if it involved some leather, maybe a few whips, and a couple of handcuffs you’d probably be up for it, because Pornhub have released their latest search stats, and it turns out that everyone loves a bit of BDSM now.

Yep, we’re that easily led. One film comes out that involves a bit of naughtiness, and you’ve all instantly become dominatrix enthusiasts, or so we're being told.

It's no coincidence the stats seemed to soar at the exact date that Fifty Shades got released, but it would seem that all those men that complained about being dragged along must have liked something they saw, seeing as it wasn't just women searching for the more risque videos.

And if you were wondering what words in particular people have been searching(for educational purposes we're sure), don't worry, because the porn site has gone to great lengths to figure all that out for us too.