Although we've done some serious research on what your choice of chocolate bar says about you, sometimes it's a gut decision.

We've drilled down to the five classics of chocolate - namely Boost, Double Decker, Wispa, Twirl and Crunchie - and we've profiled each of them to give you a clear choice in your vote.

Take a look.



A solid, dependable choice, the Crunchie is a stalwart of chocolate. The physical texture of Crunchie is akin to that of a chocolately cinder block. Not in the sense that's hard, but that it's solid. Like a cinder block. The preferred method of eating to be chipping off the chocolate at first and then digging into the honeycomb underneath.



The Double Decker is the Johnny Giles of chocolate bars - around since the late '70s, a firm favourite with everyone, hard on the outside but a softy underneath it all. Team the Double Decker up with a cup of tea and you're laughing. Also, dig that retro-chic colour scheme of purple and orange.



You might think that the Twirl is essentially just a Flake but with a chocolate coating layer around it. That, yes, is essentially the form of the Twirl. But it's so much more than just that. Silky smooth, it has much less hassle involved with it than a Flake and you've also got that Prince-inspired wrapping going on. There's a special move you can do with Twirls and tea. Simply bite off both ends of a Twirl bar and suck the tea up through the rivets to get your tea a chocolate infusion. It sounds gross, but trust us, it's magic.



If the Double Decker is the Johnny Giles of chocolate bars, then the Wispa is the Christian Slater of chocolate bars. Yes, we're mixing analogies but stay with us. Christian Slater was hugely popular in the '80s and '90s, but then went missing somewhat from the public consciousness and now, finally, he's making a comeback and we remember why we loved him/Wispa so much. Much like Christian Slater, the Wispa bar has always delivered and it's never had to change up the format because how do you perfect greatness? That's right, you don't.



Yes, the Boost Bar is a Moro Bar. Let's get that out of the way first and move on. However, a Boost Bar is so much more than just a name. It's a sensation. It's so genuinely moreish that it's very difficult to eat it quickly. You've really got to chomp down and chew on it, what with its gooey centre and all. But it's all the work that makes it so damn rewarding.