You know what they say, BURN IT! BURN IT TO DEATH!

Sorry, that's just what we say, but this guy might come around to our way of thinking after his recent ordeal.

Terry Wilkens, a reptile shop owner in Newport, Kentucky, was feeding one of the shop's snakes on Monday morning when things went a little awry. 

Wilkens had been showing a woman called Melissa McElfresh how to feed the snake and clean its cage, when it suddenly attacked. 

Any snake attack is bad, but this one even more so, what with the snake being 20-foot, 125 pound python. Here, have a look at the beast.

Thankfully McElfresh was about to call 911, who rescued Wilkens unconscious body from the grip of the reptile before rushing him to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center,  where he began breathing again. His condition is steadily improving, and is now talking again.

Speaking to NBC 5, McElfresh said “I saw the snake's head turn and I told him, I said, 'Terry be careful; he's looking at you,' and he said, 'It's all right,' and no sooner he said that, just as quick as lightning."

Our biggest problem isn't the fact they guy is cleaning the cage or feeding the beast, that's his job, albeit a bat-shit crazy one. No, our only problem with the story is that someone may actually want to buy a 20-foot python. In what alternative reality would that be an acceptable pet?

The police are now working with animal control to decide whether the snake needs to be removed from the store.

We re-iterate our earlier sentiments. BURN IT! NOW!

Via Mashable