For those unfamiliar, manspreading is a practice common, but not limited to, men on public transport.

It happens when someone sits with their legs wide open, thus taking up two seats when they should only be one.

Proponents of manspreading say it's needed in order to allow for, y'know, the dangly bits. Its opponents, on the other hand, say that it's rude and unnecessary.

Whatever you might think, the NYPD is taking a stand on the issue and is now arresting passengers on the New York subway system who partake in manspreading.

So far, police have arrested two men for manspreading and were brought before a local judge.

The arrest was upheld as lawful, however she did not press charges and warned them to never manspread again.

New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority have ran several advertising campaigns and highlighted the issue, however it's become a hot-button topic for New Yorkers and beyond.

You might scoff at all of this, but it's serious business. Over 1,400 summons have been issued to offenders so far, with the NYPD calling the issue a serious matter.

So remember, folks - mind the gap, eh?


Via ConcurrentNews