Crime doesn't care what type of vehicle you're in, it can strike at any time, and you need to be prepared. 

While many other police forces around the world are depending on a bog-standard car to get them from A to B in pursuit of criminals, the coppers in New Zealand are instead getting ready to crack down on crime with a brand new vehicle that will help them to extend the long arm of the law in to more rural areas: a tractor. 

The special New Holland tractor will be blue and yellow in colour so you know it belongs to the cops, but it seems that they plan not to use it for chasing bad guys in high speed pursuit situations, given that it will have a top speed of only 40 km/h. We think they need to have a chat with this guy about that...

Anyway, they plan to use it at special events around the country in an effort to raise "awareness of rural crime and promoting discussions among rural communities". They haven't disclosed how much it cost them yet, but the retail price is around NZ$ 60,000 (€39,700), which was funded through a partnership, presumably with a concerned citizen who wants to see criminals brought to justice and locked up...without bale. Sorry.

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