The L.A.P.D. are going to be using the highest of high-tech when it comes to motorcycles if the pilot program that they've launched takes off. 

The Zero MMX electric motorcycle is a military-grade piece of kit that will give the Los Angeles Police Department a "tactical advantage" for missions where they need to be a bit stealthier. Although there are already units who use motorcycles across all terrains, the electric bike offers a quieter engine that won't alert people to their presence in the same way that a regular police hog would. 

According to WiredSteve Carbajal of the L.A.P.D. Off-Road Unit said that this is strictly "a pilot program” for use on and off-road, but if it's successful then they will have a few more brought in soon enough, at which point they'll start doing cool stunts, we presume. 

Pic via Zero Motorcycles

The bikes are also energy and cost-efficient, given that they have no emissions and can be charged for about 50 cents, which will get you through two hours of driving. The machine can get from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, and will be kitted out with sirens and medical gear for the cops. If you ask us, it looks like something out of Robocop or Judge Dredd.

Via Wired. Main pic via Zero Motorcycles