The initial thought is 'Christ, was this child toilet trained at all?!' But it's unclear whether there was a an actual jacks in the cell he was kept in during his arrest a few weeks back.

Justin 'Bizzle' Bieber just lopping it out in the corner of a room, much like he did with that unfortunate mop bucket, is one thing, but if there was a toilet in the cell and he was filmed just going about his business out of necessity, that's just kind of creepy. No one wants to see that. That's why no one watched the below footage of him violating a mop bucket.

TMZ reports that: "The 19-year-old’s lawyers are currently asking the court to block the video from being released because it shows Biebs in 'various states of undress which show personal parts'. A source who has viewed the video told TMZ: 'Justin is seen several times stumbling around while he was taking his tests. As if he had a problem with his balance ... [the video] also shows Justin taking his various tests and eventually taking a p*ss. The stumbling and going to the bathroom is obviously reason enough for his attorneys to request it be sealed ... If I was trying to paint a picture that my client was innocent ... I wouldn’t want a video of him stumbling around and looking out of it to go public either'."