And there was me taking the mick out of Sir Paul's bland wedding affair (and what if it was, he's nearly 70, he could've made all his wedding guests sit in recliners to watch the Corrie omnibus) - he only went and got the police called at 2 in the morning.

The 'Noise Police' reportedly turned up at Paul McCartney's reception to order wedding DJ/producer/hornmaster Mark Ronson to keep the noise down. According to The Sun, Ronson's selection of rock 'n' roll classics could be heard four streets away from McCartney's mansion in St John's Wood, London.

"It did raise a laugh when the two gentlemen rang the doorbell and insisted it was time to settle things down," said a source. "It could have been 1968 all over again." Yeeeaaaah. Head of noise and licensing at Westminster Council Andrew Ralph said, "A complaint was received about an address in St John's Wood. Officers visited and the volume was reduced. No further action is being taken."

Revellers, including Kate Moss and her husband Jamie Hince, partied on, all be it at a quieter level, until 3am. The couple are expected to take a break for a couple of days before holding another reception in the Hamptons, near New York, for their American friends. Won't that be nice.