On episode 2 of The Manual, Mike Sheridan talks to one of the best in the business, Petesy Carroll.

Peter Carroll is one of the most well respected MMA journalists in Europe. He is a regular contributor to Fightland, The Irish Mirror and Severe MMA and has covered MMA events from local shows, all the way to pay per view UFC events. He recently spent a week in the Mac Mansion, with Conor McGregor as he prepared for his fight with Chad Mendes ahead of UFC 189. He chats to Mike about his experiences in the house and his thoughts on Irish MMA, the fans, the perception of the sport and some of the stars of the game right now like Ronda Rousey, McGregor and UFC president Dana White

You can download on iTunes or Soundcloud or watch the video below. 

Peter writes for Severe MMA, Fightland and The Daily Mirror. You can follow him on Twitter over yonder. 

Next week Jack Whitehall drops in for a yap